Liberty was a kind loving young girl who would do anything for anybody, and expected nothing in return.


The concept of LibFest was born in the autumn of 2014, between a small group of people. From there a very dedicated and passionate team put in many hours hard work, to ensure that the inaugural LibFest took place in June 2015. It was a truly magical event. The aim of creating 'a special day for a special person’ was most certainly achieved. Over 3,500 people attended what was an amazing day of music & much more, but above all to remember the life and loves of Liberty Baker.



LibFest 2016 was yet another huge succsess, raising £25,500 for three amazing charites; SeeSaw, chART UK and Thames Valley Air Ambulance. Each charity were overwhelmed with the £8,500 they were received. They are now able to support more and more people due to the massive amount of money that they were given.


The planning of LibFest 2017 is well under way. We at 'LibFest Central ' are looking forward to the next few months of meetings and being able to bring you a third year of what will be a memorable day for everyone.



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The LibFest Team